Cougars claim 16-0 win over Lions


By Alonzo Garza


Despite noticeable improvements to both their offensive and defensive game, the Lions fell 16-0 to a formidable New Braunfels Canyon Cougars team at Lion Stadium last Friday night.

“We are super proud of our kids. Super proud,” Lion Head Football Coach Paul Kilby said after last week’s home game. “I mean, here we a

re in week eight with our shot plan. We could be… you know, putting it down and they’re not. They’re battling like crazy and they are giving us everything a coach could possibly want. They gave us phenomenal effort tonight.”

The game began with the Cougars kicking to the Lions. Lockhart took their first possession at their own 20-yard line. By 9:50, the Cougars took their first-and-10 at the Lion’s 43-yard line after a punt by Levi Mair.

The Cougars fumbled the ball on a second-and-eight play, but recovered it for a third-and-14. Canyon punted with precision on fourth down for a Lion first-and-10 at their own one-yard line with 7:20 remaining in the first quarter.

Lion Joseph Bell was pushed back for a safety, giving the Cougars the first score of the night. A field goal kick attempt by the Cougars at 4:05 failed. It was followed with a Lion quarterback sack that led to a Cougar first-and-10 at the 35-yard line before the quarter ended at 2-0.

Second quarter action began with a Canyon touchdown and a successful extra point kick for a score of 9-0 at 10:14. After a couple of penalties for both teams and some incomplete passes later, the Lions took possession of the ball at the Cougar 49-yard line with 3:35 remaining in the first half.

The Lions moved the ball all the way to the 26-yard line only to fumble it over to the Cougars with two minutes to go. The Cougars moved the ball back into Lion territory but failed to score ending the first half at 9-0.

“You know, we made some mistakes in offense, but it wasn’t for lack of effort,” Kilby said. “They are playing as hard as they can. We just made a couple of turnovers.”

Third quarter began with the Lions kicking off to the Cougars. Flags on a play at 9:09 turned into a bit of a controversy with game officials running back and forth from sideline to sideline until a decision was reached on the play in question.

The Cougars fumbled and recovered their own ball at 8:04. Both teams moved the ball without scoring and punted on fourth downs before ending the quarter at 9-0.

Fourth quarter action began with a pass interception against the Lions at 10:42. The Cougars took their first-and-10 at their own 22-yard line and scored a touchdown by 8:48, but it was called back because of flags for holding against Canyon. The ball was set at the 31-yard line for a third-and-11. A penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct against Canyon set the ball back for a third-and-26.

A long pass by the Canyon quarterback moved the ball to the Lion 10-yard line for a Cougar first-and-10 with 8:24 remaining in the game. Lockhart recovered a Canyon fumble with six minutes to go.

The Lions took their first-and-10 at the 26-yard line and proceeded to fumble the ball on a second-and-nine play. The fumble was taken in for a touchdown by Canyon. The extra point kick was good for a score of 16-0 at 5:12. No further scoring ended the game at 16-0.

“Defense played lights out all night,” Kilby said. “They just held a really top notch football team to nine points basically, the defense. I couldn’t be more proud of our kids. They’re outstanding.”

The Lions will travel to Smithson Valley to face the undefeated Rangers on Friday, Oct. 28.

See you at the game.


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