Lady Lions start strong against Manor, fall 60-37


By Alonzo Garza

The Varsity Lady Lions hosted the Manor Lady Mustangs at the Lion’s Den on Friday, Jan. 30 and had one of the most exciting home game starts of the season.
The Lady Lions started strong, scoring first and often in the first quarter, before losing their momentum and ending the game with a score of 60-37.

“The first q

uarter was just exciting to watch,” Coach Melissa Fisher said. “We shot well and more importantly, we bounced back from a difficult Tuesday night game. We played with passion and intensity during the first, which is something we have struggled with from time to time.”

The Lady Lions charged on the court ready to play. They were on fire, as Amanda Alvarez began the game’s scoring with a three-pointer from the baseline corner.

The Lady Mustangs took advantage of a turnover and scored two baskets for a score of 4-3 before the Lady Lions took the ball back.

Alvarez knocked down a second three-point shot, set the Lady Lions up by two before the ball went back and forth across the court as each team attempted, unsuccessfully to score.
Tory Hill broke the ‘missed shots’ steak with a three-pointer after a pass from Alvarez. Hill also scored the last Lady Lion two-point shot of the period before the Lady Mustangs scored again.

The Lady Mustangs added the final two shots of the first quarter with a dramatic buzzer-beating three-point shot sending the Manor crowd into frenzy. The first ended with the Lady Lions leading 11-8.

After being stunned by the first period of play, the Lady Mustangs made quick adjustments and came back the second and third quarters ready to defend their territory, with a more aggressive attitude and tougher play.

The Lady Mustangs dominated the second quarter, scoring 17 points while allowing only five from the Lady Lions. The second ended at 25-16.

Hill’s three-pointer and Alvarez’s two-point shot were the Lady Lions only score in the period.

“Manor scored twice, quickly, and we started to panic,” Fisher said. “Still struggling with confidence and leadership on the court, we turned the ball over. We went into halftime with 24 turnovers, which is what we usually average in a whole game!”

Fisher was visibly disappointed with the team’s performance as she made her way to the locker room behind the Lady Lions.

“To work so hard in the first quarter and turn the ball over so much in the second and lose our composure was definitely disappointing,” she said. “We let them rattle us on the offensive end and then we carried that to the defense end as well, by dropping our level of intensity.”

The Lady Mustangs scored another 17 points in the third and allowed only seven from the Lady Lions, who continued to struggle until the end. Scoring in the third closed at 43-23.

The Lady Lions added 11 final points to their score in the fourth period, while the Lady Mustangs scored an additional 16 for a final score of 59-34.

“We ended the game with 39 turnovers, and you can’t win games turning the ball over like that,” Fisher said. “We did shoot the ball better than we have all year, which is the positive we are taking from this game.”

The Lady Lions shot 40 percent from the field and 56 percent from the three-point spot. Alisha Officer led the Lady Lions’ scoring with 14 points and three rebounds. Hill added 10 points, six rebounds and two assists. Alvarez added eight points, five rebounds, three steals and one assist.

“Our unsung hero in the game was Andrea McKinney,” Fisher said. “She worked hard all game long to shut down the paint against some very physical Manor post play. She spent the game getting pushed and shoved and never once backed down or complained.”

McKinney retrieved six rebounds in the game.

“Youlee Merida also added in a few quality minutes putting together some great defensive play and adding in two incredible assists to her teammates and setting them up to score,” Fisher said.

The Lady Lions traveled to San Marcos to face the Lady Rattlers on Tuesday, Feb. 3 and will host the Del Valle Lady Cardinals at the Lion’s Den on Friday, Feb. 6. Check next week’s Post-Register for scores and highlights.

See you at the game.


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