LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers shouldn’t pay for economic incentives


I was dismayed by the intent of the Caldwell County Commissions Court to provide economic incentives for construction projects in the county based on the usage of local contractors and other businesses. This amounts to a taxpayer subsidy of privately owned for-profit entities. Any business must succeed or fail on its ability to make a profit in a competitive market. Taxpayer dollars should not be used as public subsidies for private businesses to artificially make them more competitive. It is a redistribution of wealth from taxpayers to private business enterprises. That is bad public policy.
It would be good public policy that projects receiving any tax benefit or other public financial Incentive, granted for other reasons, must solicit bids from qualified contractors and suppliers in the county. It is also good public policy to support a formal effort enabling owners, general contractors and construction managers for these projects and all that don’t receive public financial incentive, to easily connect with qualified local businesses.

Bradley Walter, Lockhart


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