Letter to the editor: the Lion Kings


The Lion Kings

Think Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. Why not place metal, painted names in the Lockhart High School Stadium on a masonry wall to honor those outstanding players of past years? Many of the greatest ever have passed on and their names can be the first to be placed there and then, when a player becomes “one of the best,” a dedication ceremony can be held at halftime to place a new one at the stadium. Here are some that are deserving of a place of honor to kick off the Lion Kings:
Orville Etheridge, Sam Moses, Norbert Ohlendorf, Dee Powell, Ralph Roberts, Bill Schroeder, Bruno Schroeder, Don Pfefferkorn, J.B. Harris, Hoot Masur, Don Hewlett, Dave Smith, Potsy Guckian, Caldwell Lester, Willie Ellison (the only professional player to ever come from Lockhart)
I will volunteer to raise the money to build the wall and create the first metal plaques. I believe that the fans will like the idea. It would be a good idea for as many as they wish to donate money so that they feel like they have a “dog in this hunt”. Later, after the first names are inscribed, the Board of Trustees should choose a name whenever it is earned and deserved, along with the coaching staff. Most have never even heard of the names that I mentioned since they are so young and never saw those players play football; however, their worth can be proved by their exploits, some of which were recorded, and some that were observed by a very few still living ( like myself) For those that will come later, it will still be difficult to honor those who have been forgotten by time, but with some real effort and some input from locals, it can be done. Current ones will be much easier from then on. Rules to make those decisions will be very important since, without those, there will be too many chosen. For example, there should never be any more chosen than one per year at the absolute maximum and sometimes none. It would never be advisable to allow the general public to make those decisions as they will always be favoring someone that they are either related to or have had as a best friend. The decision of the Board and the Coach will be objective.
I have never seen this done at the High School level and I would like to see Lockhart “lead the way”. There will be copycats soon after.

— Harry Hilgers


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