Letters – Bell Ringers thank community


To the Editor:

Volunteers for the Salvation Army have been ringing bells in front of Wal-Mart since the Thanksgiving weekend. They have enjoyed greeting many people who respond with a smile and often, a gift for the Salvation Army.

Some stop and mention how Salvation Army has helped them or some family member in the past. Just this last Saturday, Dec. 13, a wo

man came with a large jar filled with coins. She told us that when she drove up and saw the bell ringers, she got back into her car, went home to get her “change jar” and brought it in for the kettle. It was very heavy, probably over $100 in change.

Another friend left a $100 check in the kettle. In these economic hard times, people are NOT forgetting to give.

Thank you to one and all in Lockhart and Caldwell County, and Merry Christmas from the Salvation Army Board of Northern Caldwell County!

Our last day of bell ringing will be Saturday, Dec. 20.

Carol and Gary Olson


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