Letters – Books and Bullies


Reader seeks like-minded Samaritans

To the Editor:

I’ve been sending boxes of paperbacks to soldiers overseas for several years but my last soldier came home and I don’t have an address for another one to send the books to.

If you have someone in the service who might like to receive a box of murder mysteries with a few Readers Di

gests thrown in please, send me an email at peggylmc@gmail.com.  I have several boxes ready to go –

Peggy McConnell



Reader raises concerns about morals

To the Editor:

I’m writing to thank the editor for her story (Dec. 12, 2014) on bullies in school.

I believe this is a huge issue for this community and the country as a whole. It really boils down to a morals and values issue, which has been in decline for a number of years, but I believe it has reached serious levels and the impact on our children can be seen on many issues, not only bullying

While we have many good teachers the public school system is broken, teachers and administrators are concerned with being sued so they are reluctant to discipline; in many homes discipline does not exist causing children to act out.

I’m of the opinion schools are far too large and have become more of an of child care warehouse rather then a place of learning. Parents, please be involved in your child’s education. Put down the “smart phone” take the time to produce intelligent, loving children. You only get one shot at this process and it’s over so fast.

Thank you

Ken Dean





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