Letters – Reader praises LISD Board


Kudos to the Lockhart ISD School Board on their decision to not let the seniors that had not passed the TAKS test walk across the stage at the graduation ceremonies. I am sorry for the students that did not pass the required criteria (passing the TAKS test) but they should understand that they did not achieve the same goal as those that did graduate.
The ceremony itsel

f is called a “graduation ceremony,” not a “walking ceremony.” Webster”s Dictionary defines graduating as “to grant a degree or diploma to.”
Walking across the stage area and accepting a scroll indicates to the public that one has met the required criteria to do so; it is not just a ceremony that all seniors should be allowed to participate in because it”s their senior year and they met some of the criteria.
I think holding another graduation ceremony in August after giving those who didn”t pass the TAKS test another opportunity to do so in July was a very fair option.
These students should realize that making that “walk” and accepting that diploma will mean much more to them and their families when it has indeed been earned. I have had children and grandchildren graduate from both high school and college. If they had not met ALL of the requirements to do so, I would not have expected them to be allowed to “walk.”
Floyd Barker


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