Letters- Business owner’s wife blasts Chamber


Letter to the Editor:
During a recent conversation with a “Chamber Member,” my husband was told that, unless he was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, they could not give his business name to anyone that inquired about his specific business. I guest that makes sense to them.
But, since he is the only business of his type in Lockhart, you think he might be ment

ioned, and then, of course, they could add that he is not a member of the Chamber.
At one time, he was a member of the Chamber. After a while, he could not really see any of the advantages that they tell you exist with membership.
Anyone who knows Ronnie Royal knows that he has promoted Lockhart all of his life. Any strangers that walks in and inquires about different businesses or places to eat is told all of the details about ALL OF THEM. He is a true ambassador for our city.
I guess we are just naïve, and we do know that other cities have the same policies. But, after a recent inquiry to the Chamber office, to be told that his particular business was not in existence, or at least they didn”t know of any business like his in Lockhart, was a disappointment.
Thank you for your time, and please know he will keep on selling Lockhart to anyone who will listen.
Michel Royal


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