Letters – Citizen calls out for youth activities


To the Editor:
This letter is in response to the Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008 article “Police seek suspects in burglaries.”
My family moved to Lockhart four years ago. We moved here from Austin, where there is a recreation center in almost every neighborhood I have to say that I was really surprised to find that there isn”t one in Lockhart.
I have two sons, ages

11 and 13. They have been involved in sports and various activities since they were 5. Moving to Lockhart has been a challenge when it comes to activities for my kids. Our first year here, we commuted to Austin for the boys” sports.
Then I met the wonderful Ms. Lee. My kids had three fun and instructional years with her. Now, that source is gone!
My older son plays sports for the junior high. But for my younger son, we recently had to check out activities at the San Marcos Activity Center.
With all of that said, comes my point. The burglaries and other crimes committed by juveniles would probably stop or be put to a minimum if the youth of Lockhart had something to do. There is no recreation center. There is nowhere that the kids can get together with their friends and just hang out.
In my opinion, the City of Lockhart should buy the old Carver High School, turn it into a recreation center, and let Ms. Lee be the director. I could almost guarantee that we would have a lot less juvenile crime in Lockhart.
You have to occupy a child”s mind to keep him out of trouble. Kids are curious. They get bored easily. Bored, curious kids could get into lots of trouble.
Cynthia Ellis,
concerned mom


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