Letters – Does Doggett really support protecting Texans?


To the Editor:
In response to Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s article regarding citizens and law enforcement fighting crime, I agree we need to be aware of our surroundings, know our neighbors, and use 9-1-1; however, I disagree that we are only capable of fighting crime with our telephones!

Doggett continues to oppose gun ownership (S397, HR1036) when evidence supports

states permitting gun ownership have lower crime rates than states banning guns. (Google gun control: myths and realities/david campo/cato institute)

Moreover, banning guns would be devastating to our “already struggling” economy. Similar to his vote eliminating all future oil drilling (on and off-shore), impacting future jobs and our oil independence , the banning of guns will impact our entire hunting industry: jobs in the manufacturing of guns, ammunition, hunting blinds, apparel; the closing of target and skeet ranges, exotic game ranches; and associated revenues from air travel, motels, restaurants, etc., will further erode our job market.

In this article, Rep. Doggett used words that should strike fear into every citizen who has followed his voting record.

Rep. Doggett stated, “I continue to work on your behalf to make sure your local efforts are being backed by solid federal support.”

Translated… “I will continue to determine what is good for you; not voting to represent you, while continuing to take your money doing it.”

This translation is supported by Rep. Doggett’s voting record. He voted for: human cloning, eliminating “under God” from our pledge, gay marriage, no voter ID, the Government’s takeover of health care and partial birth abortion.

These votes represent Lloyd Doggett’s values, not mine!! They represent the minority, NOT the majority!

Additionally, Rep. Doggett, we can no longer afford your “Federal Support !”

You have voted for and spent:
– Billions (our money) for jobs promised a year and a half ago (HR1);
– Billions (our money) to bailout GM and Chrysler plus additional billions you gave to Amtrak, EPA and numerous other “Doggett pet projects” (HR7351, HR7110, S3604)
– Your “yes” vote for “Cap and Trade”(HR2454) has so far been rejected in the Senate, but should it pass, our monthly electric bills will almost double and the cost of gasoline at the pump will increase by more than 50 percent. Additionally, costs will increase for every product and service we buy.

Rep. Doggett’s voting record earned him the title, “Big Spender” from the NTU (National Taxpayers Union – a grassroots organization) and the grade of 100 percent from the CTJ (Citizens for Tax Justice- a liberal organization) for his votes to increase taxes.

Voters should keep in mind that Rep. Doggett has accrued $13-plus million, being a “public servant” for the last 37 years. (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_Doggett.com).

As for me, I will continue to rely on God, my gun, my neighbors and 9-1-1.

I choose to forgo Rep. Doggett’s costly “Command Center” being used to distract voters (in this re-election year) from his unacceptable voting record.”
Susan Modrall


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