Letters – Editor overlooks stay-at-home parents


To the Editor:

I agree with you and thank you for pointing out that discrimination is discrimination, no matter who is involved. It is an unfortunate detail of our systems that the middle class is often left out.

I noticed something else that you did not factor into your own equation. You state that the 45 percent of children who do not qualify for state Pre-K

enrollment “either have to go to a private preschool or remain in daycare.”

I find myself hoping that you simply forgot that many children are at home being taught and lovingly engaged by their mom – or dad. (The U.S. Census Bureau reports an estimated 5.5 million “stay-at-home” parents in 2008.)

I hope you forgot, because I hope that it was not left out of your equation because you judged it to be less than an “equal opportunity.” Parenting has always been a thankless job, but such an omission only suggests the notion that parents are inconsequential.

Leigh Schuelke


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