Letters – Junked cars in the yard ‘disrespectful to neighbors’


To the Editor:
Driving along the streets of Lockhart, I’ve begun to notice how many cars are parked in the yards of homes. On one of our busiest streets, I counted six cars parked on the lawns in a matter of a few blocks. It is the same on many of the streets in town. I would imagine some of these cars are inoperable and should be disposed of in an environmentally so

und way.

In my opinion, this shows a complete disrespect for their neighbors. It also takes away from the beauty of our city.

I know in Austin, Leander and now Georgetown, there are city ordinances against parking cars in the yards. I hope our City Council will consider taking action on this.

With the coming of SH130 our city is doing a lot to make Lockhart more appealing for those considering moving here, such as repairing our streets and adding new sidewalks. I would like to see the citizens take the extra effort and clean up our homes and yards and show respect for others and pride in our city.

Ross Roberts


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