Letters – LHS graduate speaks out against name change


To the Editor:

Changing the name of the only high school which has served your great community for many years truly disheartens me.

Being a graduate of Lockhart High School, a resident of the community for over 40 years, a former employee of LISD for 19 years, and the daughter of parents who served the district for a combined total of 54 years, allows me to

have as much say in this proposed name change as anyone else.

Was this a political move at the expense of a fine man who has served his family, his church, his country and his community with the utmost dignity? It deeply troubles me that your school board would allow such a travesty to happen. Failing to follow district policy has not allowed the community to have input which is needed for such a decision and has caused much turmoil within the community.

The purpose of board policy, when followed correctly, is to prevent incidents just as this from happening. The very people who must enforce policy have difficulty following policy.
I am very much against the name change, however I am more concerned over the morale of the community toward the school district, the embarrassment it has caused a family, and the board that was elected to serve all the citizens of the community, not just a select few.

Tamye Hamlett Roberson
Corpus Christi


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