Letters – New resident recounts pet rescue by city employees


To the Editor:
I would like to thank the City of Lockhart for all they did for me and my bird Sidney.

I am new in town and have beautiful birds. Saturday I had put two of my birds outside in their cage and was going to bring them back into the house that evening when one of my birds, a beautiful Nanday named Sidney, flew off my shoulder into the tree where I cou

ld not reach him. Sidney stayed in the tree Saturday night and all day Sunday without coming down to get food or water. I knew I had to do something or Sidney was going to die. He was afraid to fly down and I could not get water or food to him. Sidney is an indoor pet.

Sunday evening I called the fire department and explained what had happened. The fire department came out immediately. They could not get Sidney down but suggested I call the animal control Monday morning. This morning I called the animal control and Judy Branning came out immediately to see what could be done. She got on the phone and started calling people who might be able to assist me. The Lockhart City Electric come out with a bucket truck and was able to save Sidney.

I know if these people had not responded as quickly as they did Sidney would have died in the tree. Sidney is now back in the house on his tree stand drinking and eating like he is supposed to and is doing great.

Sidney and I want to give a special thanks to the Lockhart Fire Department, Judy Branning and Steve Gallaway with the City of Lockhart animal control, Jack and Harold of the City Electric for all their caring and helping me get Sidney back.

I now know I am living in a wonderful town that cares about other people and their pets. Sidney and I would like to say “Thanks to the City of Lockhart.”
Lorraine Cook


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