Letters – Parent urges review of LISD weather decision


To the Editor:
Whoever made the decision to go through with having school this past Friday should get on his hands and knees and be thankful no school bus ran off the road – or worse – while our kids were on board. I chose not to put my kids on the bus, so they could play a little while longer in the snow.

We live 20 minutes from the junior high. After going 1.5 miles f

rom my driveway, I turned back. I did not want to risk our safety – I feared being stranded or in an accident. My two kids missed their first day of school this year because of a “nincompoop decision.”

We were completely surrounded by other school districts closing one by one, yet we were determined to stay open no matter the hazards or the cost.

Feb. 14 is a school holiday. It could have easily been switched.

With other school budgets falling short, how much did it cost our school district to stay open? How many state and Federally-funded dollars did we lose for all the kids that stayed home?

Who ever, however the decision was made, be it personal or a political show of power, it was a risky choice that was unnecessary.

I ask all school board members to look closely at how the decision came to be; to look at the competence or incompetence of the person or the way the final decision was made.

Truly, was it worth it?
Monica Norman


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