Letters – Reader blasts gas company for increase


Letter to the Editor:

Fixed gas service company costs increased 300 percent.

Perhaps you may have noticed your recent Texas Gas Service bill increase? They timed it so you would notice the least amount of increase since you are probably consuming less this month than last month. The cost per CCF increased 136 percent on my bill as compared to last month.

The gas company claims they have received approval from the City of Lockhart and the Railroad Commission for this rate increase! The billing insert flyer indicates a 300-percent increase in the fixed monthly “customer service charge.” Last month this charge was $5 and now it is $15 per month.

This is an increase from $60 per year to $180 per year.

With the price of crude oil increasing daily (recent price $129 per bbl) we all recognize the cost of energy is increasing. The gas company charges us for the “cost of gas” a separate monthly charge. How can they justify a 300-percent increase in the customer charge?

This fee will be due every month regardless of the amount of gas consumed. Elderly citizens living on a fixed income will bear the brunt of this rate increase and they can do nothing to decrease the impact without disconnection. So if you want gas service you must pay: 1.) $180 per year; plus 2.) the cost of gas; 3.) a delivery charge; 4.) a franchise tax; 5.) a gross receipts tax; and 6.) a city tax. This amounted to $29.42 on my recent bill, up from $23.40 last month when consumption was half of this months’ usage.

The increase was $2.1175 per CCF or 136 percent more than last month!

William R. Cline
Lockhart, Texas


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