Letters – Reader blasts LISD for ‘politics as usual’


Dear Editor:
The Lockhart ISD School Board AGAIN had to hire an Interim Superintendent. One of the qualifications which the board set was that this person had to have previously served as a Superintendent. In order to serve as a Superintendent one has to have a superintendent’s certification.
Yes, you can go back to the “good ole boy” or “business as usua

l” system which Mr. Manning pledged to the voters that he “would not accept” (his very words in an email) and the qualifications and other matters can be changed.
Yet this must be what Mr. Manning wanted to do when Mr. Alvarez nominated and Mr. Manning seconded the nomination of a candidate as Interim Superintendent.
That candidate does not have that particular qualification or certification. So why nominate the candidate?
This has been on the mind of many people because unfortunately what this nomination did was cause hurt feelings and controversy among friends and families and this could have totally been avoided especially at a time when this community and school district does not need another black eye. We understand that when the board is addressed before a meeting that they do not have to react and or listen, and this is proof that Mr. Alvarez and Mr. Manning were not listening or don’t care when many people went before them and asked them to please work together for the betterment of the school district and city. (School Board Meeting – March 3, 2008)
Everyone who has students in this district should be very thankful to the teachers and other school personnel who are doing their jobs amid this circus that the school board is causing. Let us hope that the election of school board members will bring people to the board who listen; who vote to hire people based on qualifications, certifications, people skills, and not on color, creed, race or hometown.
Being on the School Board is a hard job, so WHY make it harder by making board members make decisions that are totally avoidable and controversial! These people are role models.
Are these the role models we want for our children?
Alberto Morris


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