Letters – Reader calls for action on Trustee comment


To the Editor:

Ignorance and prejudice has no place on the School Board!

This is something that I have struggled with for a few weeks now, and it tugs at my moral spirit to do something. In doing something, it causes an emotional struggle for so many others on a different level.

After attending the special called meeting of the school board on Thursday night,

while the board was in closed session as I was trying to get a feel of what everyone was feeling, I found there were several different issues.

The one that concerns me is the fact that the board has a certain amount of time to fill the vacant seat before T EA fines them (the taxpayers), so for us, the taxpayers – the parents – I feel bad for what I must do.

I am appalled to hear that a school board member that represents a minority district stated that “one black person on the school board was enough.” I am so disappointed that she still sits on the board and has the audacity to try to recommend someone else.

We, as parents and proud citizens of Lockhart cannot sit quietly by and accept such inappropriate behavior; it”s inexcusable. I still have not heard that she apologized for this unspeakable act.

The America that I live in does not say that we have to be of the same ethnic group in order to speak for or represent a certain group. That”s why America is so diverse. But at the same time, it”s nice to see someone who can actually relate to my walk, and my children”s walk, without getting it second hand.

I pray that this is so obvious to others also that this matter cannot and should not go unaddressed and unresolved.

My dilemma is that we will be faced with trying to fill two seats on the board, instead of one. We trust and expect that the board will operate in the bounds of wise stewardship, or they should not be sitting there.

If she is not removed, what will happen to our vision and viability and visibility here in the City of Lockhart?

How we handle this will determine all of those factors.

She has no place on the school board.

Hatti Carter



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