Letters – Former advisor responds to yearbook concerns


Dear Editor:
In regards to the letter about yearbooks being delivered in September, I have to disagree that this is a new occurrence.

I was the yearbook advisor for LJHS from 1996-1999 and this is when we first began to have yearbooks covering the entire school year. Before that time, yearbooks were completed by late January or early February due to the three m

onths it takes to have the yearbook published.

The students collectively decided that early completion of the yearbook left out too many end of year activities. Specifically, early completion required excluding coverage of students participating in track, basketball, soccer, golf, and tennis as well as those participating in theater plays, concerts, swim day, and field day.

Obviously not all students participate in the fall sports, so delivering yearbooks the following September allows countless additional memories to be preserved each year.

Students decided years ago that they’d rather have a more complete yearbook than one delivered prematurely. Hopefully this explains the logic behind the current delivery date of yearbooks.
Beth Cooper


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