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To the Editor:

This past week the Caldwell County Commissioners grappled with two items that may not seem connected but they are. One is the Walton Development in the northwest part of the county. The other is the 130 Environmental Park.

How, you asked, are these connected? Both of these projects, albeit in different ways, are about growth. The Commissioners Cour

t would not have to struggle with these matters if Caldwell County had a comprehensive, reasonable, and responsible growth and development plan.

Two years ago I asked the Court to consider such a plan. A member of the audience pointed me to Envision Central Texas GreenPrint. This is not a growth plan; it is an environmental plan.

A growth plan for the county would take in to consideration population densities in various parts of the county, infrastructure needs, types of business and industry compatible with the county, environmental concerns, and most importantly what type of county the property owners want.

A plan such as this would take several months, maybe even a year or more. Representatives from the cities school boards, water agencies, the business community, and most importantly, property owners would be involved.  After all property owners have the most at stake in how Caldwell County grows.

There is no shortage of organizations and businesses that would jump at the chance to sell a plan to the county. The people of Caldwell County can develop their own plan without regional organizations or so-called experts who have nothing at stake in the results.

With a growth and development plan in place, city and county governments can look at each development in terms of the plan. Furthermore developers and businesses would know what to expect as they begin their planning process. There would be no surprises.

Making these decisions based solely on tax revenues or what group has the loudest voice is not in the best interest of our county or our future.

Susan K. Stewart



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