Letters – Reader calls for changes in leadership, attitude


To the Editor:
I really don”t have a passion about too many things in life. I have a “live and let live” attitude. I never carried a sign to the capital and even as old as I am (49), I never burned my bra.
So you ask, why am I taking the time to write now?
I read the opinion of our editor and the Emerald facility. I might know all the pro and cons, but it s

eems every so often someone needs to write in and remind the citizens of Lockhart that, believe it or not, we are a growing community, and changes should be welcome.
But sometimes we come across sounding like a bunch of “old-school rednecks,” so afraid of change.
Why can we not welcome new business as a blessing? These new businesses bring new jobs and opportunity that we all need.
So what if the jobs are not “top dollar” jobs? I always thought, “a hand full of nothing in one hand and minimum wage in the other…” Well, I hope you have been following along and you know what I am talking about.
I am a transplant to Lockhart – barely here four years, but I feel I am going to stay and now I feel a tingle to get involved.
New businesses new attitude. Gee, that almost sounds like a slogan for a campaign.
Like I said, I am not very passionate about too many things, but change is good. And maybe the change should start with public officials that won”t let things happen.
In the last mayoral election, the mayor stated to me that he “would” be winning the election with 85 percent. I sheepishly responded, “No sir, I believe that is more like 58 percent.”
Last I heard, I think he won with 58.9 percent, so take it from a person that has really no passion for too many things but family, it is time for change.
And anyone holding back and afraid of that change is just plain ignorant.
Nikki Zuniga


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