Letters – Reader disappointed with leaders over San Marcos expansion


Greetings Y”all!
When I finished reading your report on the San Marcos land grab, I was angry and mean. Really, I was. The kicker was that I was not angry at San Marcos, Kyle, Seguin or New Braunfels for doing their thing, but at Caldwell County.
How long have we known about the Austin/San Antonio convergence? About SH130? We have participated for too long in iso

lationist policies aimed at keeping “our way of life”(that”s code for protectionism of old guard family businesses), and too many years of an over reliance on tourism, barbecue and agriculture.
My favorite part of your newspaper is the “Do you remember when?” articles because people here live in the past, and want desperately to hold onto the good old days. Face it, those days are gone, and I for one am glad to see it.
Because of the actions of other municipalities, Caldwell County will be forced to join the 21st century. Sure, that means higher taxes, more traffic, and more people. This is inevitable, and those folks in power that are trying to devise ways around it are living in a dreamland. It is time to embrace the New Central Texas and Austin/San Antonio Metroplex and become an active member in it, or get swallowed up and have others determine our role. That will require creative leadership, citizen involvement, and an acceptance by city and county governments that residential growth will be the key to luring in new businesses, and not the other way around. Given Caldwell County”s track record, I suppose I should get used to telling folks that I live in San Marcos.
Michael Diaz


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