Letters – Reader endorses Parker


To the Editor:
This November, the citizens of Caldwell County will choose a Caldwell County Sheriff. Vying for this honor is a highly qualified candidate with new and innovative ideas – Jimmy Parker.

Jimmy has been a proud and effective member of the law enforcement community for 30 years. As the culmination of a career-long plan, Jimmy’s unfailing dedication

will now be available to citizens of the entire county.

I have known Jimmy for almost 10 years. He has the highest level of integrity and work ethic. Jimmy is absolutely fair and refuses to take shortcuts that result in less than a complete performance. He is a born leader who has only to aim himself toward a goal and others seem to line up behind him to help accomplish the goal.

Probably the best phrase to describe Jimmy is found in his campaign literature: “Leadership is based on Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect”, or “CPR”. I encourage you to vote for integrity, leadership and “CPR” for our County. Vote for Jimmy Parker for Caldwell County Sheriff.
June H. Day


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