Letters – Reader puts ‘saga’ into verse


To the Editor:

The Saga Continues

The mighty Hy from his embattled position

Was shocked by questions of his decision

To rearrange the kingdom to his own liking

All accomplished with no tax hiking

But still it all seemed so phony

To try and install his friends and crony

In order for his duties to off load

Perhaps if lucky to p

ave his road

But weren’t these pawns his to move

With no need to explain or even prove

After all why should it matter

If the budget’s only a little fatter

But still across the land complaints repeated

While the mighty Hy calls for “all be seated”

He knows what’s best for all concerned

Yet perhaps this can be lessons learned

For when we elect a man to serve

We don’t get more than we deserve

And the more I’ve thought upon this thing

Perhaps he thought the job was King

Walter Reinhard



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