Letters -Reader seeks lost family heirlooms


To the Editor:
I’m hoping someone in the Lockhart area will help me find some family papers lost in January 2007.

I donated several items to a resale shop in Niederwald as I prepared to move out of state. I think I left a briefcase or suitcase containing pictures and newspapers about my mother from 1920-1940’s. Some of the articles covered a special airmail

delivery out of Galveston and of my mom’s interviews to be in a Hollywood movie. I didn’t realize my mistake until last summer when I finished unpacking all the boxes.

The resale shop closed and gave unsold items to other resale shops. If anyone bought these items, which included photos of some celebrities, I will reimburse them for their purchase price and costs to return the items.

My contact info is email atruax@flash.net, or call (325) 453-4662, or (701) 866-5129. Please share this request with all Goodwill shops in the area. I appreciate any information available, even if the items were discarded into the trash. Thank you.
L. P. Truax
Robert Lee, Texas


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