Letters – Reader supports Junior College idea


To the Editor:

I wish to express my emphatic support of Councilman Richard Banks’ proposal to establish a junior college in the City of Lockhart. Studies have shown that local economies receive immense positive economic benefits from institutions of higher education. These institutions are employers of local area residents; consumers of goods from local area merchan

ts; and investors in local area real estate. Federal and State grants allow funds to be redirected to local businesses and industry.

Junior colleges help educate those who are economically disadvantaged, disabled or illiterate. Junior colleges offer opportunities for minorities and single parents. Junior colleges bring art and culture into the community, thereby enriching all our lives. Junior colleges bring hope to the lives of our neighbors, our friends, our family — even ourselves.

Lockhart’s town square is presently underutilized and economically depressed. A Junior college would change all that by populating many of the buildings that now stand empty with teachers and students.

These are the very people who are focused on improving the future — OUR future.

The choice is simple: empty buildings and a climate of hopelessness? Or a vibrant small town that embraces the future through higher education?
Michael Laird


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