Letters -Reader supports teacher, questions resignation


What a shame.
Thirty-seven years ago Ralph Salazar was sought out by the then-Superintendent to become a part of the Lockhart Independent School District. Since becoming a part of LISD, he has had numerous positions. Regardless of his role, the students have always been top priority to him. For the past 12 years he has taught at Lockhart Pride High School and has becom

e a role model for his students; he has not only offered his time on campus, but off campus as well. The students selected him teacher of the month in 2006. In addition to being as an LISD employee, he also makes charitable contributions. He donates during Christmastime, Thanksgiving and also offers school supplies to families.
It is very unfortunate, and sad that he is resigning his post. What a shame it is…that Lockhart Independent School District is losing such a contributing ace from their staff.
On Sept. 24, 2007 the Lockhart ISD School Board will hold its monthly meeting. I call any and all past and present students and parents to come support Ralph Salazar and the other teachers from Pride High School and ask the board and Pride High principal why.
Sue Bernal


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