Letters – Resident opposes jail, but wanted info


To the Editor:
Thursday, Dec. 27, my wife and I attended a mob scene in Lytton Springs to protest the proposed Caldwell County Detention Center. I would estimate between two and three hundred people in attendance.
There were absolutely no parliamentary procedures followed. Everyone was talking and hollering at the same time. Everyone at the meeting, including me,

is against building the detention center in this part of the county.
Some of us wanted to hear the proposal so we could learn why the commissioners considered locating a prison in a residential/ranch area. Due to the rudeness of about half who attended, we couldn”t hear the proposal.
The meeting was totally unorganized: no agenda, no leadership, no parliamentary procedure, continual interruptions.
The Emerald Correction Management spokesperson finally ceased his presentation. Several of my neighbors expressed embarrassment for our community.
We don”t want any type of jail in our area. If the county needs more funds, they should solicit a more desirable enterprise.
Billy M. Hanks


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