Letters – San Marcos resident praises fireworks


To the Editor:
I would like to congratulate all of the folks responsible for the outstanding Fourth of July fireworks show Saturday night.
I work in Lockhart, but live in San Marcos and usually watch the fireworks there, because it’s more convenient. Occasionally I have also watched the fireworks show in Austin if I was already there for other business on the same

I not only enjoy fireworks displays, but have also developed somewhat of a hobby photographing them. Because they were on different nights this year, I was able to see the fireworks shows in both San Marcos and Lockhart and can say that, without a doubt, the fireworks in Lockhart were a lot more fun to watch. The variety far outclassed any that I have seen anywhere else in recent memory.
I got some good pictures, but I also found myself just putting the camera down and watching because it was such a creative show. If this is the usual standard every year, from now on I will drive to Lockhart for my Fourth of July fireworks entertainment.
Dan Gibson
San Marcos


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