Letters – Teacher praises student, parents


Dear Editor:
I have to share a recent experience of mine with the community. Life experiences have taught me that chivalry is almost dead and truly good people with good intentions are few and far between. I consider myself to be the “eternal optimist.” But, as a teacher, having everything from pencils to calculators stolen can slowly erode your trust in people.

My faith in the goodness of people was restored at Lockhart”s graduation. The ceremony ended and as I gathered my things, my camera case, which held my phone & truck keys, fell under the bleachers. Panicking, I ran down through the exiting crowd. I could not see it anywhere below the stands. I saw some students standing near by and asked them if they”d seen anything fall. Sarcastically one remarked, “Lots of stuff falls down here, lady.” I should have known better and sadly, I thought, “one of them probably has it.” As I searched the ground desperately a woman standing nearby said, “Are you looking for a camera case?” I said, “Yes! Did you see it?” She told me that a young man went up the stairs with it to find me.
As I ran back, hands shaking, thinking the worst thoughts, I couldn”t find the young man. As I discussed with a friend what to do her daughter said, “Is this it?” There it was, hanging on the fence! I immediately hugged her and then said, “Thank you, Jesus!” To me, it was a miracle that she”d seen it hanging there.
I am so thankful for that young man doing the right thing when he could have just as easily chosen the wrong path. I”d also like to applaud the parents of this young man. Thank you for raising a child with integrity. Job well done!
Suzanne Felux


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