Letters – Teacher speaks out on Brooks’ behalf


To the Editor:
According to TEA, the following are but a few of the frameworks for school board development:
-The board keeps the district focus on the educational welfare of all children;
-The board demonstrates its commitment to the vision by using the vision to guide all board deliberations, decisions, and actions;
-The board ensures that the distr

ict planning and decision making process enables all segments of the community, parents, and professional staff to contribute meaningfully to achieving the district”s vision; and
-The board develops skills in teamwork, problem solving and decision making.
The complete list can be found at www.tea.state.tx.us/sbmt/frame.html. Please look for yourself.
Rumors are flying about the reason Susan Brooks” resignation was so hastily accepted on Dec. 20, 2007. My question is this – Why was it necessary to release her five months before her planned retirement? Was it some decision she made as interim superintendent months before, that demanded her removal now? Did she do something illegal?
My instinct is NO!
If it were illegal, the reprimand would certainly have been immediate.
Was it immoral? Again, instinct says NO!
Was it detrimental in any way to the district”s motto “100 percent success – every student, every time”? Once again, NO!
Susan Brooks always asks ,”Is it best for the kids?”
Her one goal is that of the district – 100 percent success, no excuses. No kid falls through the cracks. In my privileged 10 years of working with Susan, I have seen her relentless pursuit of master teachers. She accepts nothing less, which is why Lockhart Junior High is a Blue Ribbon School, one of the first campuses in the district to be Recognized by TEA and the only campus to receive that award three times.
The board did not focus on the educational welfare of all children in its decision to release her from her contract. How could it be helpful to strip them of their leader months before TAKS testing? The board did not ask for community input before making the decision, since it was a “closed session…”
Maybe they didn”t ask for input because they knew it would not mesh with the decision that had already been made.
The board has not developed skills in teamwork, problem solving and decision making. It feels like it is “Us” against “Them.” There is no team. I can”t tell you the last time some of the school board members have been on our campus before that board meeting.
I have never felt more insecure in my job then I did when I walked into school on Friday, Dec 21. Walking to my room, I kept thinking – if they can get rid of the best principal this district has ever had, with one simple vote, then when will I be the next to go? I implore the rest of the district”s employees, parents and voters to look at this through a thick lens and ask “is this board really doing its” job?”
Community member, parent, taxpayer, registered voter and teacher at LJHS
Wendy Wachtel


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