Letters – Vandalism hurts students’ pride


To the Editor:
Like any ordinary day I got up, got dressed, and went to school on Nov. 1. When I got out of my mom’s car at school I was really upset. It was a sad day for Navarro Elementary. This year some older kids have gone too far. We had to spend all morning cleaning instead of learning. I don’t think that was right.
This is what happened in detail. Som

1. Broke our windows and there was glass everywhere;
2. Put toilet paper in our trees and around our school;
3. Spray painted the steps of our school; and
4. The “geniuses” even dropped a student I.D.
I don’t think it was right for them to do this because we are elementary school kids. They are supposed to be our role models. We are supposed to look up to them. I am only 10 and I know that this is wrong. I hope that this doesn’t happen again. I think that our school and students deserve an apology.
Ayrick K. Castillo
Student of Navarro Elementary


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