Letters – Visitor shames Lockhart for ‘Trashin’ Up the Town’


To the Editor:

This past weekend, my husband were a part of the Chisholm Trail Round-up in Lockhart. We had a craft booth on the lawn of the beautiful and most lovely Caldwell County Courthouse under one of the most gorgeous well-kept pecan trees I’ve ever had the privilege of even seeing, much less enjoying for two days.

The parade was wonderful and a great pleasure to

watch. So many people freely put a lot of work and time into their parade entry for others to enjoy the experience – even tossed candy to the children and handed out pop sickles to cool folks off. It was hot on Saturday! Yet all the people in the parade put themselves out there with the direct sun beating down on them to entertain those who wanted to watch.

But I have to say something about the terribly unsightly behavior of many if not most of those who attended the parade. I was shocked and appalled to watch as people got up when the parade was over and left every bit of their trash strewn about in the streets and on the courthouse lawn! In a short time, the beautifully well-maintained Courthouse square and historical downtown area looked like a disgusting dump site.

And the real sad part is, most people didn’t even care! They were just walking through the trash like it didn’t even exist! I did see one woman picking up some of the trash from her group of people, but she put the trash in the lovely planters on the street. I cleaned up all the trash in my area because I could not stand to see such a display of a lack of appreciation and disrespect for public property.

There were trashcans readily available, and they were nowhere near full either. There was NO excuse for trashing up the town.

Those who sat around me and watched the parade were all locals. So, this wasn’t folks from out of town who were destroying Lockhart. These were people who live there! People who call Lockhart their home!

Lockhart is a beautiful little town! If you live in Lockhart, for God’s sake, be thankful for the town God has blessed you with! Respect the public places as much as you respect your own place. Instead of trashing out your town, clean it up. Take some responsibility in caring for your home, your town!

Take a plastic grocery bag with you everywhere you go. It’s doesn’t take up much space in your pocket or your purse. Put your trash in it and put your trash in the trashcan.

Keep Lockhart beautiful!

Debby Marin

Ingram, Texas



  1. Mary 20 June, 2011 at 15:21 Reply

    Thank You Debby for your observance on how we should appreciate what God gives us. We need to learn how to thank God everyday for all the gifts he gives us every day. I Hope you keep us in your prayers to receive the graces we all need to continue to make this small town enjoyable to live in and appreciate more. God Bless You and Your Family
    Love, Mary

  2. Brandi 22 June, 2011 at 17:32 Reply

    I don’t live in Lockhart any longer, but my family still considers Lockhart our hometown. We always picked up our trash and put it in the trashcans or like you said took it with us. You are right about some of the towns people not caring about the looks of Lockhart, but want to enjoy the festivities. Pick up your trash people, this is your home and you always have outsiders coming for the Chisolm Trail and BBQ. Make it look good for them and yourselves.

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