Letters – Reader praises Animal Control


To the Editor:

I want to say a public thank you to Officer Jim Bob Murray, the Caldwell County Animal Control Officer.

We had the very unusual experience of a cat giving birth to a litter, out in the open, right in the middle of our garden area. The mother cat moved most of the litter the first day. However, she left three kittens behind.

They survived the brutal heat,

on their own, unfed, and unprotected for more than 24 hours. We didn’t move them because we thought the mom might come back for them.

After over 24 hours in this Texas heat, we couldn’t wait any longer. We called Animal Control. Within 90 minutes of our call, Officer Murray arrived, gathered the kittens and took them to the shelter.

Thank you, Officer Murray, for your promptness, compassion and professionalism.


Beth Shirley



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