Lights out for the Lions


By Teri Reed

The Lockhart Lion varsity football team hosted the Del Valle Cardinals on Friday, Nov. 4, for their last game of the season that gave Lockhart a few startling events during the evening.
Besides the four intercepted passes made by quarterback Thomas Reppond, the Lions and their fans had a bigger surprise when the stadium lights we

re shut off during the third quarter.
The lights, that were off for nearly 15 minutes, caused the Lions to stop the game until they could be restored. The graduating class of 2006 cheered claiming the darkness to be a senior prank.
“The lights going out was merely an accident,” L.H.S. Principal Larry Ramirez said. “It definitely wasn”t a senior prank. There was a braker that popped in the visitors” concession stand.”
Once the lights were brought back on, the Lions continued the third quarter with ten minutes and 21 seconds left on the clock and trailing with a score of 0-14.
Lockhart”s first touchdown was completed by a 65-yard fumble return from Anthony Franks. Kicker David Moore added the extra-point field goal for the Lions making the score 7-14.
The clocks turn the game over to the fourth quarter, and the Cardinals were ready to answer to the Lions touchdown. They responded with two consecutive touchdowns and a two-point conversion.
The Lions fought back to lessen the lead Del Valle had gained. Reppond sent a 25-yard passing touchdown to Curtis Clay for the last touchdown of the game. Moore”s field goal attempt was good leaving the score 27-14, in Del Valle”s favor.
The defeat gives the Lions a 3-6 overall record and 1-4 district record. Leading the 26-4A District are Connally with a 5-0 district record, Taylor with a 4-1 district record, and Hendrickson with a 3-2 district record.


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