Lion country is also God’s country


By Alonzo Garza

“How Great Is Our God?” asked the song as over 80 area residents, mostly students and a handful of teachers, praised God, shared testimonies and sang songs of faith at the first-ever Lockhart High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes “Fields of Faith” gathering at Lions Stadium on Thursday, Nov. 15.
The main purpose

for the gathering was to have students invite their friends and family to meet at their school’s athletic field to hear their peers share their faith testimonies and, more importantly, to encourage and challenge each other to read and share the Word of God by reading the Bible.
Thursday also happened to be one of the coldest nights of the year to date in Lockhart, yet the FCA youth braved the brisk chill along with teachers, parents and friends for well over an hour and a half.
The night of worship and praise began with a warm welcome from FCA President Janie Juarez, who along with Ben Carter shared an opening prayer with the faithful present.
A cross section of LHS sports were represented by individual athletes who stood next to a screen with songs projected on it so that all present could join in with the singing. A worship band consisting of LHS students was assembled to lead the people in song.
“I Can Only Imagine,” by Christian group Mercy Me was the first song of the night. A Bible reading by Alyson Gonzales followed it.
The first testimony was given by LHS girls cross country coach Lee Datesman, who spoke about how blessed he was to have ended up in Lockhart 12 years ago.
More songs and readings followed throughout the night. The night’s cold air became more bearable as the band played on and students and teachers like Kari Hailey, Vib Schulle and Jeffery Warling shared inspiring words of wisdom.
One of the night’s most memorable highlights was a father and daughter duet by Russell and Meredith Moore, who added to the night’s magic with their beautiful singing as the elder Moore played guitar.
The “Fields of Faith” band also did a magnificent job of praising with music. Carter, who did most of the singing, led the impromptu band. Other band members included guitar players Brian Limas and Joseph Torres, bass player Joshua Guerrero and drummer Justin Heights. Each band member did an outstanding job of playing in the cold weather.
FCA vice president Randy McGehee kept the event moving forward gracefully and with a bit of wit. His self-deprecating humor was endearing and it made him an excellent choice as master of ceremonies.
The night of worship came to an end with an open microphone and everyone in the stands invited to speak. Group prayers by all of the FCA members and a closing prayer by Lauren Moore followed the open mike. The final song of the night was “Amazing Grace,” a fitting end to a wonderful night of fellowship and worship by students, teachers and their families.
So, how great is God in Lockhart, and more specifically, at Lockhart High School? He is Omnipotent and ever-present.
See you at the next Fields of Faith gathering.


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