Lion lifter becomes State Champion


Two Lockhart Lion powerlifters lifted in the Boys State Powerlifting Meet in Houston on Saturday, April 2.
Travis Grogan lifted in the 181-pound class, and Ryan Lockhart lifted in the 198-pound class. Mark Shelton went as an alternate in the 165-pound class.
Travis Grogan went into the meet ranked third, which is only 65 pounds behind the No.1-ranked lifter. Grog

an had a great squat of 555 pounds and a 285 pounds on the bench. Grogan was leading the meet after his lift at the bench.
Grogan then deadlifted 625 pounds on his second lift, and pulled 630 pounds to become the 2005 181 lb. Div. 1 State Champion with a total of 1470 lbs.
Grogan was also named the “Best Deadlifter” in the state of Texas in the Heavy Weight Division.
Ryan Lockhart finished 11th with a total of 1370 lbs.
“Ryan made great strides this year and competed well in the meet,” Coach Darrell Brock said.
“Coach Parker and I are very proud of these young men and all the Lockhart Lion lifters,” Brock said. “It has been a great year.”
(Courtesy of Darrell Brock)


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