Lion lifters advance to Regional, State meets


The Lockhart Lion and Lady Lion powerlifters competed at the Regional Meet this past week. Each lifter did an outstanding job this year and earned the right to compete at this meet. To qualify each lifter had to be in the top 10 in their weight across the Region.

The Girls’ Regional meet was held on Thursday evening. For the Lady Lions, Alexis Dezarn was able to place fift

h. She squatted 285 pounds, bench pressed 120 pounds, and deadlifted 295 pounds, which gave her an overall total of 700 pounds.

Other regional lifters were Vicky Brite, Audrey Parra, Michelle Munoz and Brittney Erickson.

The boys had their Regional meet on Saturday.

All three Lions placed third and all three have earned their spot in the State Meet.

For the boys, Chris Jackson squatted 350 pounds, bench pressed 225 pounds, and deadlifted 425 pounds. His total, was 1,000 pounds.

Aurelio Garcia squatted 590 pounds, bench pressed 350 pounds, and deadlifted 535 pounds, for a meet total of 1,475 pounds.

Ray Sedwick squatted 640 pounds, benched press 370 pounds, and deadlifted 575 pounds, and his total was 1,585 pounds.

All three of the boy lifters needed to get their final attempt on the deadlift in order to advance to state.

(Courtesy of Andre Johnson)

Pictured above, Lion and Lady Lion Powerlifters who qualified for the Regional  Powerlifting Meet included (front): Audrey Parra, Brandi Brown, Alexis Dezarn, Britney Erickson, Michelle Munoz and Victoria Brite; and (back): Chris Jackson, Aurelio Garcia, Jordan Huckaby, Levi Mair and Ray Sedwick. Jackson, Garcia and Sedwick went on to qualify for the State Meet.


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