Lions’ celebrate 50th Anniversary


Fifty years ago, Lions” halfback, Domingo Fernandez Jr., outran three Fredericksburg Hillbillies for a 55-yard touch down.
This year is the Lions 50th Anniversary when they went all the way to the State Quarter Trials. Coached by Jesse “Red” Burditt and his staff, the quarterback was James “Potsy” Guckin. The game was played on Thanksgiving Day.
Played during the

daytime, the Lions played the Fredericksburg Hillbillies and won 28-21, on Nov. 23, 1955.
“Coach Burditt not only showed us how to play football, but he showed us how to have discipline and respect that goes a long way in life,” Fernandez said. “It showed us which way we wanted to carry our life after we graduated.
“So let”s go all young Lions,” he added.
Fernandez is now a retired State Employee for 30 years, and has been married to his wonderful wife, Adela, for 46 years. They have three sons, and a daughter, as well as 13 grandchildren and five great children.


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