Lions chalk up win, beat Lobos 53-14


By Alonzo Garza

“When it rains it pours.”
Rain it did at Bob Shelton Stadium on Friday, Oct. 26 in the form of points from touchdown after touchdown for the Lions.
Lockhart’s Varsity Lions won their first game of the season with a huge score of 53-14. They scored points all night long against the Lehman Lobos claiming their first

season win with dignity and grace.
“The kids deserve this,” Head Football Coach Troy Moses said after their first win. “I’m proud of the kids. They have worked hard all year. I’m just happy that they finally got a win like this. They needed a win like this to be dominant and have some fun with it.”
The Lions did look like they were enjoying themselves out on the Hays’ Bob Shelton field. They made play after play, scoring touchdowns with as many different players as they could. A few mistakes were made but all were eclipsed by the sheer excitement of a winning game. Both teams went into the contest with nothing but losses to their credit and each had something to prove. The Lions, apparently, had more than a game at stake.
The game began with a bang of excitement and the Lions scoring the first touchdown with Demetrius Joseph’s 4-yard run at 11:15 left to play in the first quarter. The extra point kick by Gerald Cuellar was no good for a score of 6-0. Zachary Leija scored the second touchdown of the quarter at 8:50 and again the extra point kick was no good for a score of 12-0. Casey Butler scored the third touchdown with a 20-yard run. A good extra point kick by Cuellar for the Lions came at 6:34 for a score of 19-0. Joseph scored the fourth touchdown of the first quarter at 2:11. The TD was followed by Cuellar’s good kick for a score of 26-0. The first quarter ended at 26-0.
The second quarter also started with the Lions scoring first. A 40-yard run by Butler and a good extra point kick by Cuellar made the score 33-0 with 10:28 remaining in the quarter. The Lobos’ R. J. Hardaway made their first touchdown of the night at 6:01. Lehman’s extra point kick by Chris Duran was good for a score of 33-7. The Lions responded with yet another touchdown. Richard Ybarra ran 82-yards with a kickoff return that had the Lockhart fans cheering and the sideline jumping for joy. Cuellar kicked an extra point to end the second quarter at 40-7.
At halftime, the Lions had rushed for 183 yards and had 14 first downs. The Lobos rushed for 28 yards with only seven first downs. Penalties in the first half were also not divided evenly. The Lobos had three penalties for a total loss of 30 yards. The Lions had one penalty for a loss of 10.
The third quarter ended scoreless. Both teams fumbled the ball and both teams moved the ball into great field position but could not get past the goal line. The Lobos did an outstanding job of driving the ball into the Lion’s 18-yard line. With just 53 seconds left in the quarter, the Lobos recovered their own fumble, but ran out of time. The third quarter ended at 40-7.
The fourth quarter began with the Lobos’ Chad Miles scoring their second and last touchdown of the night. Their extra point kick by Duran was good for a score of 40-14 with 9:50 remaining in the game. The Lions responded with yet another tremendous job of returning, as Ybarra made it all the way to the 8-yard line. Joseph ran the ball in for a touchdown. The extra point kick failed for a score of 46-14 at 9:13 on the clock. Lockhart’s Dominique Hardaway scored the final touchdown of the game with a 37-yard run. Cuellar’s last extra point kick was good for a final score of 53-14.
“I told them that the next two weeks it’s all about respect.” Moses said. “We want to gain respect. We want people to respect us and know that we belong with the top teams in the state. New Braunfels is coming to our house next week. They are a top ten team in the state and… we’re here to gain respect.”
The Lions (1-6) face the New Braunfels Unicorns (8-0) at Lions Stadium on Friday, Nov. 2. The game begins at 7:30 p.m.
See you at the game.


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