Lions gored, Unicorns trot home victoriously


By Alonzo Garza

The Varsity Lions went up against the New Braunfels Unicorns at the Lion’s Den on Monday, Jan. 14. The Unicorns took the lead from the beginning of the first quarter and never gave it up. The game ended at 65-41.
The Lions started out slow in the first half and never gained any traction while the Unicorns were chomping at t

he bit from the sidelines even before tip off. The first quarter ended at 14-6 with the Unicorns ahead.
The six Lion points in the first quarter came from Jason Sanders who made a free throw and a two-pointer for a total of three, Jonathan Gonzales with a two-pointer and Jeremiah Johnson with a free throw.
New Braunfels secured their lead in the second quarter scoring 22 points and allowing only nine from the Lions ending the first half at 36-15.
Gonzales connected in the second with a two-pointer and a free throw. Sanders made two free throws while Caesar Martinez and Gerald Cuellar each made a two-pointer.
The Lions came out roaring in the third quarter and outscored the Unicorns 17-15, but it was not enough to get back in the game. The third ended at 51-32.
Gonzales connected in the third with a two-pointer and a three-pointer, Sanders hit a pair of two-pointers. Cuellar made four free throws. Ryan Carrasco made his contribution to the game with a two-pointer and a free throw while Demetrious Joseph hit a free throw.
The fourth quarter had the Lions scoring another nine points while the Unicorns added 14 extra points for a final score of 65-41.
Again, it was Gonzales leading the scoring in the fourth with five free throws. Cuellar added a final two-pointer to his credit while Xavier Moore made his contribution to the game with a two-pointer.
Gonzales led his team at the basket, contributing a total of 15 points to the final score. The rest of the scoring came from Sanders, Johnson, Martinez, Cuellar, Carrasco, Joseph and Moore.
The Lions played against the Hays Rebels at the Lion’s Den on Tuesday, Jan 22, and will face New Braunfels Canyon (also at home) on Friday, Jan 25. Please check next week’s Post-Register for highlights, photos and scores.
See you at the game.


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