Lions keep rushing toward the playoffs


By Alonzo Garza

After defeating Elgin by two points with a final score of 28-26 at Lion Field on Friday, Oct. 24, the Lions got their second wind and are well-positioned to deal with the two remaining regular season games, against Lehman and Manor.

Statistically, the Lions have been playing better than ever. They are a formidable contender

on the ground and, at just four points behind Hays in total offensive points, they are capable of making a run for the playoffs.

In the last three games, Lockhart has made more first downs than their opponents.

Against Elgin, Lockhart made 18 first downs to Elgin’s 15. Lockhart made 17 first downs against Hays’ 14 and 20 to Del Valle’s 14.

To date, Lockhart has had 150 first downs and the team’s rushing total is 2,706 yards. Those are significant numbers.

How do the Lions stack up to the other five teams in the district?

The rushing statistics belong to the Lions, who have rushed for a total of 2,706 yards with 421 carries good for 30 touchdowns.

The Lehman Lobos come in second, rushing 1,940 yards with 314 carries for 23 touchdowns.

The Hays Rebels are third in rushing, with 1,934 yards and 279 carries for 33 touchdowns.

Elgin’s Wildcats have 1,709 yards with 255 carries and 15 touchdowns, while the Del Valle Cardinals have 1,357 yards and 227 carries for 13 touchdowns. The Manor Mustangs round out district competitors with 934 yards rushing, with 161 carries good for seven touchdowns.

The district’s passing game belongs to Del Valle, whose passing statistics show the Cardinals leading with a total of 1,503 yards with 116 completions out of 214 attempts yielding nine interceptions and 10 touchdowns.

Hays follows close behind with 1,115 yards with 68 completions out of 123 attempts for eight interceptions and nine touchdowns.

Manor is third in passing with 1,088 yards, 66 completions, 121 attempts, four interception and 12 touchdowns.
Lehman has 857 yards, 51 completions, 130 attempts, 11 interceptions and seven touchdowns.

Elgin has 540 yards, 30 completions, and 75 attempts, zero interceptions and three touchdowns.

The Lions the rest of the district with their passing game, with 339 yards, 19 completions, 46 attempts, five interceptions and four touchdowns.
Elgin’s Wildcats lead the pack in points scored with 270. The Rebels are second with 237, followed closely by the Lions, with 232. The Del Valle Cardinals have 214, the Lehman Lobos have 212 and the Manor Mustangs are last with 170.

In “points against,” the Wildcats again have the strongest statistics, with only 180 points scored against them. Hays is holding at 201 with Lockhart close behind with 205. The Cardinals, Mustangs and Lobos show worse numbers, with 254, 273 and 298 points respectively against them.

The total offensive team points put Hays at the top with 3,049 points and Lockhart four points behind with 3,045. Del Valle is third with 2,860 and Lehman fourth with 2,797. Elgin has 2,249 and Manor is up to 2,022.

With their position strong in most respects on the field, the Lions are “still in command of our own destiny,” according to Head Coach Troy Moses.


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