Lions shoot down Rockets, 42-7


By LPR Staff



Edging one step closer to a playoff berth, the Lions earned a definitive victory on the road against the Kennedy Rockets on Friday night.

In a game dominated by long offensive drives from both teams, and powerful defensive plays from Lockhart’s line, the Lions stacked up another District win when

they rattled the Rockets, 42-7.

The game saw a shaky beginning, though. Kennedy, opting to receive, burned nearly eight minutes off the clock on their first drive, an inch-by-inch crawl through the Lions’ defense. However, the Lions were able to sew up the drive, containing Kennedy inside the 1-yard line to turn over on downs.

When the Lions took over, the Rockets soon learned about Slash, Smash and the Lions’ offensive line. As DJ “Smash” Ellison ground past the Rockets on play after play, Stephon “Slash” Houston simply outran his opponents on the 99-yard drive that ended with Houston taking a pitch from Nick Sanchez for the Lions’ first touchdown on the night.

A flubbed attempt at an onside kick recovery gave the Rockets possession at their own 45-yard line, but the Lions were able to stop the drive and prevent a score, in part thanks to the efforts of defensive back Trey Henderson, who was able to break up a pass attempt in the end zone and keep the Rockets off the board.

The fourth-and-out gave the Lions the ball on their own 40, and soon, Houston was back in the end zone, and Juan Ocampo sent another kick sailing through the uprights to put the Lions up 14-0.

After the Rockets took a beating from the Lions’ defensive line, led by several huge hits by JJ Carranza, the Rockets were finally able to find their way into the end zone for their first and only score on the night.

As the seconds ticked off the first half, the Lions put together another long, slow drive capped by Ellison powering over the Rockets’ defenders for his first touchdown on the night, and closing scoring in the first half at 21-7.

The Lions were completely dominant throughout the second half, keeping the Rockets from putting anything together offensively, and doubling their points on the board for an eventual 42-7 win.

“Our kids realize that we need at least one more win to get in the playoffs,” Head Coach Brian Herman said. “We do not want to leave it to the last game to secure a spot in the Final 4.  A win this week would secure us a playoff spot and second place in District.”

The Chargers, who like the Lions have taken their only District loss to the Kerrville Tivy Antlers, are also bucking for the second-place spot in District. Both teams have yet to face the San Marcos Rattlers, who are currently tied with the Alamo Heights Mules for the fourth-place spot.

“The kids energy seems high this week,” Herman said. “We are looking forward to another amazing event Friday night.  Our stands were unbelievable at our last home game and I expect that the crowd could give us a huge advantage again this week.  Our kids feed off the energy from the loud faithful supporters.”

Tickets for the Lions’ final home game of the regular season are still on sale, but are expected to sell out well before kickoff at 7:30 p.m. on Friday.


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