Lions take second at Schulenberg Tournament


After a tough loss last week to the Crockett Cougars, the Varsity Lions spent the week regrouping and preparing to travel to Schulenberg for a weekend of tournament play. Though they faced tough challenges from a broad range of opponents, the Lions came home with three wins, one loss, a second-place finish and three players voted to the All-Tournament Team.

Lions vs. Sc

The first game of tournament play was a low-scoring affair that started out sluggish for both the Lions and the Shorthorns, and ended as a defensive battle in overtime.
According to Coach Matt Sandoval, the Lions started off sluggish, trailing by as many as 12 points in the first half of play. By the second half, though, the Lions battled back, coming within two and capitalizing on a steal by Lucas Westbrook to tie the game. With less than a minute to go, the Lions were behind by four, but kept fighting until Schon Colorado hit the final bucket to secure a 45-43 Lion victory.
Leading scorers for the game were Colorado, who put 17 points on the board, Jarrell McBride, who added nine, and Bryon McBride, who scored eight.

Lions vs. Wharton
The Wharton Tigers, who eventually went on to win the tournaments, posed a tough challenge for the Lions in Game Two. Sandoval said Lockhart started slow again, and the Lions were never able to close an early gap. They fell 75-55. J. McBride took the lead for the Lions’ offense, scoring 21 points. JC Winkler also stepped up for the Lions, adding 10 points.

Lions vs. Flatonia
Stinging from their loss to the Tigers, the Lions jumped out to an early lead over the Flatonia Bulldogs and never looked back. While racking up 53 points of their own, the Lions held the Bulldogs to a mere 16 points. J. McBride was again the leading scorer, with 19 points. Westbrook added 12, and Winkler picked up six.

Lions vs. LaGrange
What was expected to be a tough game from the start lived up to its hype, as the Lions and the Leopards traded leads throughout, each battling for the upper hand. In the end, it was the Lions who were able to pull away, outlasting LaGrange for a 55-52 win.
Westbrook led his teammates on the scoreboard, scoring 22 points for the Lions. J. McBride contributed 15, and Winkler trailed right behind with 14.
Winkler, J. McBride and Westbrook were all named to the All-Tournament Team.
The Lions hosted Canyon Lake on Tuesday, Dec. 7, and plan to travel to Corpus Christi this weekend to participate in the Tuloso-Midway Pride of Texas Tournament. They will be back in the Lion’s Den on Friday, Dec. 17.
(Courtesy of Matt Sandoval)


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