JV Lions falter on the courts at Hays Rebel Classic


Lions vs. Hays
This game began with a battle into the half with the scoring going back and forth. The team scorers throughout the first half were Michael Kerr and Juan Karlo Calderon. Although the Lions fought throughout the second half to stay in the game, they ultimately fell 54-23 to the Rebels.

Lions vs. Cedar Ridge
The Lions put up quite a fight in the second game,

leaping out to a 20-18 lead and maintaining it through most of the game, even outscoring Cedar Ridge 15-8 in the third quarter. Both teams poured on the heat in the fourth, but the Raiders were able to take a three-point lead in the final seconds. A last-second shot by Joseph Carrasco fell to the right of the rim, leaving the Lions trailing 44-47 at the final buzzer. Brian Tumlinson was the leading scorer for the Lions in Game Two.

Lions vs. Lanier
After coming out strong and taking an early, large lead over the Lanier Vikings, the Lions faced a fourth-quarter rally that left them at the short end of a 38-39 final score. The Lions had a ten-point lead in the first quarter, which they stretched to 25 by the half. The Vikings came back after the break ready to rally, and outscored the Lions 7-2 in the third period. In the fourth, Lanier tied the score and then pulled ahead with back-to-back three-pointers. The Lions responded with a three-pointer and a layup. With 10 seconds on the clock, Michael Kerr went in for a jump shot, but was called for traveling, closing the score and the game at 38-39.
Lions vs. Bastrop
The final game of the tournament was a tough one for both teams, as both were tired from games earlier in the day. Kerr started off the first quarter with three-pointers to bring the Lions ahead. The Bears’ 6’6” center started working against the Lions, and though both teams worked hard throughout, the Bears picked up a 73-57 victory.
“The JV Lions worked really hard to succeed and the team is become greater through the season and they will continue grow,” Coach Javaski McDonald said after the tournament.
The Lions hosted Canyon Lake at the Lion’s Den on Tuesday, Dec. 7, and will travel to Smithville to take on the Tigers on Monday, Dec. 13.
(Courtesy of Javaski McDonald)


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