Lions, Tigers clash in court catfight


By Alonzo Garza

Once again, the Lockhart High School gyms were overbooked on Tuesday, Nov 27. Both the Lions and Lady Lions hosted opponents on the same night. The teams had to take turns on the courts, which made for a long night of high school basketball.
The Varsity Lions had a tough time on the court and lost 66-43. The JV Lions, on the

other hand, made a tremendous attempt to beat the Tigers and kept up with them until the end. JV lost by only five points. Their final score was 39-34.
The Varsity Lions played the last game of the night. They went up against the Dripping Springs Tigers and found themselves struggling to keep up. a
The first quarter was the lowest-scoring quarter for the Tigers, who put 14 points on the board to start the game. The Lions started their night with nine points in the first. Scoring for the Lions came from Joseph Torrez, John Gonzales and Christian Estrada. Torrez made a pair of two-pointers; Gonzales made a three-point shot and Estrada made a two-pointer.
The second quarter was the lowest-scoring quarter for the Lions, who added only eight points to their score while the Tigers added 15. Scoring for the Lions in the second were Jason Sanders, Jeremiah Johnson and Ryan Carrasco. Sanders made two two-pointers, Johnson made one two-pointer and Carrasco made two free throws. The first half ended at 29-17.
After halftime, the Lions came back to find themselves out scored 2-1. The Tigers had their best quarter in the third, scoring a total of 22 points and allowing only 11 from the Lions. Sanders made a pair of two-pointers, while Gonzales and Johnson each made a two-pointer and Carrasco made a two-pointer and a free throw. The quarter ended at 51-28.
The fourth quarter was remarkable in that both teams were dead even in scoring. Each team added 15 points to their final score.
Either the Tigers grew tired or the Lions caught their second wind. Whatever the case, the final quarter was exciting to watch even if the Lions did end up with another loss. Gonzales did most of the scoring for the Lions in the fourth. He added three free throws and two three-pointers for a total of nine points in the quarter. His game total was 14 points. Torrez, Sanders and Hector Rangel each contributed a two-point shot in the fourth for a game ending score of 66-43.
The JV team did an outstanding job of staying in the game from beginning to end. They outscored the JV Tigers in a low scoring first quarter with a score of 9-5. Octavio Terrazas led the scoring in the first with a three-point shot and a two-point shot. Sergio Juarez and Mario Martinez each scored a two-pointer.
The game’s momentum and scoring shifted to the Tigers in the second quarter.
The Tigers scored 15 points, while allowing only eight points to come from the Lions. Scoring in the second came from Juarez with a pair of two-pointers and Greg McAfee and Karl Grieger who scored a two-point shot each. The first half ended at 20-17 with the Tigers on top.
The third quarter was evenly-matched in playing and scoring. Each team added 10 points to their score. Scoring for the Lions were Ricky Rodriguez with a three-pointer, two-pointer and a free throw and McAfee with two two-pointers. The quarter ended at 30-27.
Still very much alive in the game, the Lions pushed hard in the fourth quarter, but so did the Tigers. The Lions added only seven points to their final score while the Tigers added nine.
Scoring for Lockhart in the fourth were Terrazas with a two-pointer and a free throw, and Brian Martinez and Adam Renteria each added two free throws for a final score of 39-34.
The Lions face the Rattlers at San Marcos on Tuesday, Dec. 4.
See you at the game.


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