Lions victorious over Ducks


The Lockhart Lions” varsity basketball team hosted the Taylor Ducks at the Lions” Den on Tuesday, Jan. 10, for a victorious game.
The Lions and the Ducks battled for the lead during the first quarter. Taylor hit a field goal with seconds left on the clock to end the first quarter with 14-13 lead.
In the second quarter, the Lions regained their lead

quickly with a field goal and a 3-pointer made by Terrance Waldon. The Lions forced the Ducks to call a time-out after running a 7-point scoring drive giving them a 22-14 lead.
Tough defense by the Lions kept the Ducks to only 12 points during the second quarter. The Lions led 33-26 going into the halftime break.
At the start of the second half, the Ducks lessened the Lions” lead with tough defense. Lockhart only led by six points at the end of the third quarter.
To start the fourth quarter, Lion Thomas Elizondo steps onto the court and hits a 3-pointer during the first play. Black also hits a 3-pointer for the Lions next goal which increased their lead to 48-38.
With two minutes left on the clock the Lions led by ten points, 57-47. Head Coach Glenn Rotzler signals a play to stall the game and keep the ball in the Lions possession. The Ducks are forced to foul Michael Black sending him to the free-throw line for a one-in-one chance. Black completes the two free throws. Lockhart gains possession again and uses the same play to keep the ball in their possession. Taylor then fouls Chris Hodges sending him to the free-throw line where he makes one free throw. With only 38 seconds left on the clock, the Taylor coach calls another time-out as they trailed 60-51.
After the time-out, the Ducks only add one more basket to the scoreboard while Lockhart gained three more free throws. Lockhart sent Taylor home with a 63-53 defeat.
High scorer for the Lions was Mark Black with 18 points. Also contributing points was Waldon with 10 points including two 3-pointers, Brandon Hodges with six points including two 3-pointers, Chris Hodges with 10 points, Michael Black with six points and 100 percent from the free-throw line, Elizondo with eight points including two 3-pointers, and Michael Schulle with four points.
The Lions next game will be against the Hendrickson Hawks away on Friday, Jan. 13.

The Lockhart Lions” junior varsity basketball team met the Taylor Ducks with a home court advantage on Tuesday, Jan. 10.
The Lions had a slow start in the first quarter as the Ducks made a 7-point run. With two minutes left in the first quarter, the Lions gained their first lead, 11-9.
At the start of the second quarter, Lockhart led 14-11 over Taylor. The Ducks made a few crucial mistakes with fouls that only increased the Lions lead as they completed their free throws. However, the Ducks hustled on offense to regain the lead, 23-19. The Lions entered the halftime break trailing 27-19.
Taylor continued their lead through the second half as they sailed to the 54-39 victory over the Lions.
Lockhart will travel to Pflugerville to meet the Hendrickson Hawks on Friday, Jan. 13.

The Lockhart Lions” freshman basketball team overwhelmed the Taylor Ducks on the court Tuesday evening, Jan. 10. The Lions” tough defense and skilled offense gave them a 60-47 victory over the Ducks. Their next game will be against Hendrickson on the road Friday, Jan. 13.
Picture above:
Lion freshman Jacob Castillo (#32) forces the Taylor Ducks” offender to the corner of the court with tight defense.


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