LISD grapples with salary survey


By LPR Staff

The LISD Board of Trustees continues to struggle with employee pay rates.
After much debate, the district hired the Texas Association of School Boards to conduct a salary survey earlier this year. The survey was meant to help the district normalize pay rates for district employees, and to bring pay scales closer in line

with other statewide districts.
Since the survey was completed in July, Trustees have been approached repeatedly regarding changes and adjustments to pay rates, pay grades and employee classifications. During their Monday meeting, some board members indicated they had had enough.
“I think the employees would appreciate us stepping back and looking at this now,” said trustee Timoteo “Tim” Juarez, Jr. “If it”s not going to be an immediate detriment to the employees, we need to fix it now so it doesn”t hurt more employees later.”
As it stood on Monday, the TASB salary survey suggested some pay increases upwards of six percent, while it reclassified other employees to lower rates.
“We have a director at the Cub House who is making the same as her secretary,” said Community Education Director Terry Mohle. “That needs to be fixed.
The board asked administration to review the survey on an employee-by-employee basis to make the necessary adjustments.
“What we really need to do is make sure that what we”re doing is the most fair and equitable thing for all of our employees,” said trustee John Manning. The other trustees offered resounding support to reviewing the survey and recalculating pay scales for approval next month.
In brief board news, the board recognized former Carver Kindergarten student Devin Norman, who was recently recognized in a 9-1-1 Appreciation contest. Norman”s artwork will be featured in a 2007 calendar distributed by the Capitol Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG).
The board considered making changes to the requirements for the chief examiner in the GED program. The program, run primarily by contractors, has been under fire for several years, according to Chief Examiner Josie DeLaCruz.
A short public hearing was held in regards to the district”s superior rating in financial accountability.
Olga Hernandez from the Lockhart Evening Lions Club presented a check for $500 for school supplies to the district. The Lions Club holds a donation drive for the district every year.


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