LJH runners take district championship


The 7th and 8th grade Lions” Cross Country team ran their district meet on Thursday, Oct. 27.
Both teams ran excellent races to capture the district championship.
The 7th grade boys team came together almost perfect to end the season.
The 8th grade team battled with Elgin and won a very competitive race.
“My hats off to Elgin for bringing

a strong team and making the 8th grade boys division a race that went wire to wire,” Coach Harold Abayan said. “I was proud of both teams as they raced like champions and represented our community in proper fashion.
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches, parents, and athletes for all the support and hard work throughout the season. I hope we can carry this momentum into the track season,” he added.

7th grade team scores
Lockhart, 19; Bastrop, 58; and Cedar Creek, 59.

8th grade team scores
Lockhart, 25; Elgin, 32; and Del Valle, 81.

7th grade individuals
Brooks Pittman, 1st; Kevin Silva, 2nd; Kyle Medina, 4th; Moses Ramirez, 5th; Mackenzie O”Niel, 9th; Dylan Plummer, 10th; Joseph Rodriguez, 11th; Landon Pederson, 12th; Mitchel Mcree, 13th; and Jalin Orosco, 14th.

8th grade individuals
Roy Garcia, 1st; David Dinh, 2nd; Kenny Brite, 5th; Mauel Hernandez, 6th; Kendal Till, 10th; Wagner Mcree, 11th; Mark Hagan, 12th; Noah Tunningly, 13th; Jose Espinoza, 17th; Kelly Alvarez, 21st; Math Mendez, 23rd; Jonathon Coster, 27th; and Matt Jackson, 29th.
(Courtesy of Harold Abayan)

Lady Lions
The Lockhart Junior High Lady Lions” Cross-Country teams raced 1.5 miles at the Lockhart City Park Thursday, Oct 27, for their district meet.
The 7th grade team ran for the first race.
“The whole team ran a very smart race,” Coach Shelia West said. “We let the other teams lead the first 800 meters and then took over the race.”
The Lady Lions placed five girls within the top 10 runners, and had eight girls in the top 15 runners.
Yarelli Sillero was the 7th grade District Champion with a time of 9:54. The top four after Yarelli were Karsyn Stark with a time of 10:16, Alysia Peralez with a time of 10:30, Karen West with a time of 10:31, and Adriana Cruz with a time of 10:32. Their places were 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th respectively.
The Lady Lions overall score was 26 with Cedar Creek in second with 48 points. The other runners were Nicole Matteson with a time of 11:19, Victoria Espinoza with a time of 11:38, Juanita Craft with a time of 11:55, Cindy Sosa with a time of 11:58, Olivia Woods with a time of 12:02, Ashley Hagan with a time of 12:04, Danielle Reynolds with a time of 12:05, Lilliana Llamas with a time of 12:08, Elora Chesnut with a time of 12:15, Rebecca Woody with a time of 12:33, Alex Rodriguez with a time of 12:44, and Shelby Miranda 12:53. The girls were District Champs.
The 8th grade girl”s team was the defending District Champs and came out ready to be District Champs again.
“The 8th grade girl”s team is filled with wonderful leaders, and excellent role models for the 7th grade team,” Coach West said. “They will only add to the awesome high school girls team next year.”
Jordyn Platt was District Champion with a time of 9:40. She also was the District Champion last year as a 7th grader.
“Our goal was to race as hard as they could and try to get a perfect score, which would be 15 points,” she added.
The girls were District Champions again meeting their goal with a score of 15. Second place was Cedar Creek with 48 points. Elgin didn”t have a full team so their girls were pulled from the team scoring.
“The 8th grade girls are very dependable and always give 100 percent, and it really shows when you watch them perform during a race,” Coach West said.
The Lady Lions had six girls in the top 10 runners, and eight in the top 15 runners who all received medals. The top four girls after Jordyn were Bianca Juarez with a time of 10:02, Alex Madral with a time of 10:15, Kelsey Daily with a time of 10:22, and Samantha Burklund with a time of 10:29. These girls” places were 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th respectively. Other girls than ran were Jade Ramirez with a time of 10:45, Klarissa Cardenas with a time of 10:47, Lauren Moore with a time of 10:52, Jocelyn Coleman with a time of 11:44, Jerika Euresti with a time of 12:31, and Emily Flores with a time of 12:49.
“Thanks to all the parents and coaches for making this a fun and successful season,” Coach West added.
(Courtesy of Shelia West)


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