Local Campaign expense reports released


On Tuesday, Oct. 5, the Caldwell County Clerk’s Office released the campaign contribution and spending reports for each candidate running in a local race on the November 2 ballot.

The reports include information regarding the source of candidate contributions and all campaign-related spending.

Judicial candidate Todd Blomerth led the pack in both campaig

n contributions and campaign spending.

For the reporting period ending 30 days before the election, Blomerth reported nearly $18,000 in campaign funds raised and more than $20,000 in spending.

A significant portion of Blomerth’s campaign spending, over $8,000 was applied locally toward advertising, including newspaper and television ads. Further, Blomerth opted to put nearly $2,000 back into the local economy for supplies and printing. Additionally, he donated over $1,100 to local non-profit fundraising events.

The lion’s share of Blomerth’s campaign contributions, more than $12,000 came from within Caldwell County, as well. Blomerth’s campaign received almost 250 contributions, several, from the Lockhart area, between $500 and $1,000. Blomerth received one $1,000 donation from a Travis County attorney, and several smaller donations from attorneys in San Marcos and New Braunfels.

Barbara Molina, who is also running for District Judge raised nearly $5,300 and spent almost $9,500.

Most of Molina’s campaign contributions were valued at less than $50, and were therefore not itemized in the report. The total of contributions that were not itemized was over $2,000. Molina raised $1,600 outside of Caldwell County, most coming from Travis County law firms. Her itemized contributions inside the county totaled $1,520.

More than half of Molina’s campaign spending was directed toward signage. The campaign has invested more than $5,500 in campaign signs as of Oct. 4. Molina kept nearly $2,000 in the local economy as investments in advertising, supplies and other publicity.

Neto Madrigal, candidate for Caldwell County Commissioner – Precinct One, raised $3,900 and spent nearly $3,300.

Madrigal’s campaign has raised $2,700 with fundraisers recently, including a barbecue plate sale and a raffle. Additionally, he received $1,000 from a donor in Laredo. The remainder of his campaign contributions came from local citizens.

The Madrigal campaign spent just over $1,000 on the various fundraisers. The campaign also gave $225 in donations. The campaign put nearly $1,800 back into the local economy.

George House, also running for Precinct One Commissioner, both raised and spent less than any other reporting candidate. House raised only $795 in political contributions, all from inside Caldwell County, and spent $770 on signs and brochures.

Sheriff hopeful Shad McIntosh raised over $3,300, including a $2,000 donation out of Jourdanton, Texas, and a $200 donation from Dripping Springs, according to his report, filed Sept. 10. McIntosh spent almost $650, more than half of that on various forms of advertisement.

McIntosh’s competitor, incumbent sheriff Daniel Law spent over $1,250 during the reporting period. Law focused his spending on local advertising and charitable donations, and spent all of the funds within Caldwell County.

Caldwell County Commissioner – Precinct Three incumbent Herb Schulze did not report any campaign funds raised with his filing, dated Oct. 4. He itemized spending of nearly $1,600, most of which went toward the purchase of signs. Schulze focused his advertising dollars in Lockhart.

Tom Bonn, who is running against Schulze for Precinct Three Commissioner raised $1,275, including a $500 donation from the Republican Party of Texas, based in Austin, and a variety of local contributions. Bonn’s campaign spent $310 on local printing and other, un-itemized expenses.

Barbara Shelton, who is running as a write-in candidate for Caldwell County Tax Assessor-Collector reported $1,700 in campaign contributions, $1,000 in expenditures and an outstanding loan of nearly $1,400 from Ginger Bennett of Lockhart.

Most of Shelton’s contributions were less than $50 and were not itemized. She received one contribution of $100 from an Austin resident.

Most of Shelton’s campaign expenditures were for local fundraisers and local advertising. Shelton spent only $75 outside of Caldwell County for the reporting period.

At press time, campaign spending reports were not available for incumbent Tax Assessor-Collector Mary Vicky Gonzales.


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